Incubator Start Ups

“Be Manufacturing in Mexico quickly and in the most economical way possible under our Shelter Services –Incubator Program.”

Depending on your specific needs and floor space availability, one can start operations in Nogales, Mexico with 10 days with no deposits , no start up fees and little investment and risk.

Our Shelter Services- Incubator Programs have a six month “trial” contract with 60 days notice. The investment or risk is only six months! Once an operation grows beyond incubation, another facility is located and the customer is moved into it.

Under our Incubator Program, we will place you, your materials and your equipment under an existing, operating facility that is all set up and ready to go. The space is normally shared but divided with another customer. Some of the expenses are normally shared further reducing costs for each one.

Javid has started dozens of customers under the Incubator Program with great results and satisfaction for all involved.

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